About us

INNTEC.PL was founded in 2010 by an engineer Tomasz Bloch. Its activity started with services regarding electronics, for Intel. In 2014, INNTEC.PL began intensive research on new solutions for metal 3D printing, which resulted in the AYAS-200 printer and Engineer3D software. Our vision is to create simple and effective solutions while establishing lasting friendships with our clients.


Tomasz Bloch

Founder and CEO of INNTEC.PL, entrepreneur, optoelectronics specialist

Prof. Jerzy Pluciński, PhD, DSc Eng

Expert in the field of photonics and lasers

Tomasz Seramak, PhD Eng

Expert on metal 3D printing and plastic material processing

Michał Butterweck, PhD Eng

Software engineering and simulation and mechanics expert

Katarzyna Zasińska, PhD Eng

Metal 3D printing and dental industry expert

Paweł Burzyński

Student at the University of Cambridge, Trinity College (Computer Science) rising talent in the field of algorithmics

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